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A mortgage adviser at a bank or building society can only offer you a small number of products that are available to them, or alternatively there are some mortgage advisers that only have access to a panel of maybe 8 or 9 lenders.

We at Mortgage Solutions offer free advice, which gives you access to Whole of Market. This will ensure that you will have a product that is the most suitable for you based on your personal circumstances. Having a product with the lowest pay rate is not always the best option as the lender’s product fee, valuation fee, and other associated fees need to be taken into account also. Likewise, a product with no fees may have a much higher pay rate which makes it too expensive.

We carry out an initial appointment with you at your convenience, at which a mortgage fact find is completed to gather some information about you and your circumstances. We will then, prior to the second meeting, establish what products are currently available to you. Once we have done that we look at the most suitable by comparing their costs, rates and features. This will then enable us to recommend the right mortgage for you.

We have over 30 years experience in the industry and our aim is to provide good, understandable advice to you that you can trust now and on an ongoing basis into the future.

There are very strict rules that all regulated financial companies must adhere to when they offer you a mortgage. These are set out by the Financial Services Authority and all advisers must adopt their practices. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for mortgages and non investment insurance business.

Choosing the wrong mortgage could be a costly mistake and is definitely something you need to avoid.

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